Biden will be the nominee, it’s clear and he may even win the presidency, God willing. In a crisis, this country turns toward the more conservative, stable candidate. While Donald may be the Conservative candidate, his instability may finally be the thing that ends him, God willing — the coronavirus silver lining.

It’s a hard pill for this Bernie voter to swallow. I knew Hillary would lose in 2016 and I felt that, with Biden as the nominee, we were in for 2016 part II. That is, before The Donald fucked up the response to this pandemic and the markets went into free fall, from which they have yet to recover. Prior to that, the country did not want an establishment Democrat. Biden represents incremental change, a return to Obama-era economics. People voted for Donald because the economy wasn’t working for them.

Nevertheless, the powers that be do want Biden, mainstream media and the wealthy — and Bernie, as a symbol and a figure is too devisive. While Millennials embrace the idea of Democratic Socialism, everyone else is horrified by it. He needed all of the youth, not just the “youth” vote. Not enough of them came out for him. What’s more, principled men do not become President. Politicians and con men do. Americans are squeamish when it comes to principles and seem to trust propaganda over fact and lies over honesty. Or perhaps they just don’t know the difference. Or care.

Nevertheless, fellow Bernie people, take comfort in this, our guy already won. Once a small state senator only known in Vermont, Bernie Sanders is now a household name and poster-old guy for Progressives nationwide. He galvanized us, united us, and together we pulled the Democrats to the left kicking and screaming all the way. In fact, were it not for Bernie, the media would be crowing about Biden having the most progressive agenda in history.

It’s true.

Biden wants to increase the child tax credit from $2000-$6000, make the minimum wage $15 an hour and add a public option to the Affordable Care Act. And, he’s not backing down on guns. He means to take every automatic military grade gun off the market and even out of people’s homes. It’s an unprecedented agenda for someone everyone considers a moderate.

Bernie didn’t change Biden. These are policies Biden has fought for as a Senator. But Bernie changed the culture so that these things no longer seem so radical. And that’s what we have to keep doing, going all the way because compromise is inevitable.

So, we keep fighting the progressive fight. We will get there and in the meantime, let’s remember to celebrate the progress we’ve made in Joe Biden, the most progressive presidential candidate in history.

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